Find an honest computer box technician?


A year ago, Typhoon Ondoy (international name Ketsana) hit my family and caused considerable flood damage to our house and to the 2004 Honda City A/T that my daughter drives. I was particularly worried about the Honda’s all-important computer box, which had been submerged.

I went all over Metro Manila looking for a repair shop that could fix the computer box.  The Honda dealer in Marikina where we bought the car was no help and wanted to charge us so much money!

Finally, after weeks of frustration, I found someone.  The only electronics technician who fixed the computer box owns a small repair shop in Makati City. This is his name and contact information:

RAMSA Electronics
Mr. Ramon Samonte, owner
1879 Evangelista St., cor Pasay Road, Pio del Pilar, Makati City
884-2787, fax 751-0247

I found him on the web, and got in touch with him because of positive comments on his honesty and good work.

Since he knew I came all the way from Antipolo, he readily offered to work on my computer box while I waited. He inspected the computer box with some probe instruments, cleaned it, soldered a broken contact point, and told me there appeared to be nothing wrong with the ICs, the connections, resistors, etc.

I asked him how much I should pay. After a few seconds of silence, he said I didn’t owe him anything. He felt he didn’t really do much to deserve being paid. I was stunned and speechless. I was embarrassed and again offered to pay him something but he said it was ok.

He normally charges P4,500 for repairing computer boxes — with a money-back guarantee if the repair doesn’t work, or if the client is unhappy with the repair for any reason.

My daughter’s repaired computer box has been working like a charm for a year now!

And so I would like to promote this Good Samaritan. At that time, there were so many snakes conning hapless car owners. I should know. I talked to a few who wanted to charge me as much as P50,000 for labor alone!


12 responses to “Find an honest computer box technician?

  1. my Honda car also have problems & the mechanic told us they suspect its the computer box. we bought our car 2nd hand last year from an owner living in Antipolo. our mechanic said baka na-Ondoy daw. I read your write up and it gave me hope I will try to contact Mr. Samonte and hopefully he’ll be able to help us. thanks for your information!

  2. thank you for taking the time to write about this honest comp box technician. his kind is getting rarer and rarer. there are so many con men out there who have nothing in mind but to run you dry. he deserves a commendation like this. i can sense your heart, how grateful and thankful you have been. i will give him a call, the box in my altis needs checking, my tach has stopped working, when i installed my old and defective box, it immediately worked. i may use the old one as a source for functioning parts. thank you again and may God who rewards the righteous and honest, bless you and your honest technician richly.


  3. May his tribe increase!. His kind is rarely found now. Unlike this computer technician I got from the internet who was very kind at first but when he sensed he can’t get money from me, he just disappeared. His name is Mark and his cell phone no. is 0916-5609199. Please beware of him.

  4. Mark Joseph Adecer

    Thank you Mr. Tan for this article. I just called Mr. Samonte regarding computer box problems with our 1994 Civic ESi AT. Even on the phone, Mr. Samonte is soft spoken, respectful and very articulate. We have set up an appointment for tomorrow. He even gave a short lecture on how we could avoid further damage to the computer box. One of a kind! Looking forward to meeting him. Once again, many thanks to you, sir Antonio.

  5. I will try Mr. Samonte as well. Thank you Mr. Tan for giving us hope and helping us find ways to stretch our hard earned money. Nissan Southwoods is trying to rob me by charging me 59,200 to replace the computer box of my Nissan Exalta. It had idling problems before. They said it was the AAC. So I bought a brand new AAC, but the problem persisted. I requested for a back job. They said I had to leave the car for 3 days for observation (like they needed to put the car in ICU with all the contraptions). On the 5th day they called me that the problem is with the computer box and I need to buy one worth Php 59,200.00. I normally do not curse, but I let out a howl and to my frustration told them what I felt about the robbery and what I would want to do to them at that moment. These people have no shame, consideration and compassion. There should be a law that should reward the likes of Mr. Samonte and punish the likes of the thieving employees of car dealers in the Philippines. . .

  6. Unfortunately, i had a bad experience w/ ramsa electronics. I brought the computer box of my car there and i had to come back a couples of times because after several tries, unfortunately, mr.samonte(the owner) failed in fixing my computer box. Ang nangyari is hit or miss, tiyambahan lang. And ung money back guarantee, more than fifteen days bago binalik ung pera, kulang pa. Brought the computer box in banawe in kaliraya and finally narepair din.


      panday ipagpaumanhin nyo po kung hindi ko nagawa ung computer box ninyo hindi po ako perpektong tao, kaya nga po ang sabi ko sa inyo i try po namin i repair at pumayag kayo, regarding po sa refund na delay at that time madami pong holiday noon gawa ng santo papa at pasensya n kayo ang akala ko po php.4,500 lang kayo na charge sa repair kaya un lang ang napadala ko sa bank accnt nyo, un pla php5,500 kaya ang sabi ko sa inyo paki dala ung O.R. para ma cancelled din po namin sa resibo, kaya ng madala nyo po ung resibo naibigay po namin ung kakulangan php1,000.00 kaya kumpleto po ang na refund nyo,panday kahit po ako isang mahirap hindi ko po kaya pakainin ng galing masama ang pamilya ko,god bless po!

      • recto d. corsino jr.

        HI MR SAMONTE….i have a problem with my mitsubishi fto, may redondo pero walang fire…sbi nila nacheck na nila lhat, yun daw computer box ang sira….medyo mlyo po ksi nasa nueva ecija yung car….

  7. isabel rondares

    ISR April 30, 2015

    Spoke just now with Mr. Samonte he’s very accomodating, I have problem with my Nissan Cefiro 1998 model I hope answered prayer sya will meet him tom morning so excited –

  8. Karen Hortelano

    I had a problem with my computer box and had it repaired by a wrong persons which resulted to more complications and wasted money. It was a frustrating and stressful experienced for me. After months of almost giving up, I came across this blog/article which where I found out about Ramsa Electronics.

    I called Mr. Ramon Samonte and he agreed to check my computer box for a free of charge. He was very accommodating and helpful. He checked the computer box and showed me what the other persons did to the box. He fixed the computer box while giving me very helpful advice. The best part is, he did not charge me a single cent. Plus he even asked his friend from another shop to do me a favor by checking if my box is still working without charging me. Isn’t that sweet? The best part is my computer box is still working after having to go thorough 2 repairman before Mr. Ramon Samonte.

    I am very thankful and grateful that I met Mr. Ramon Samonte, he is a great person and can’t thank him enough for his help. Should I have known about Ramsa Electronics before, I shouldn’t have endured a lot. I hope Mr. Samonte will continue his good deed and I will pray for the success of his shop. I highly recommend Mr. Ramon Samonte and Ramsa Electronics. I will definitely tell people about him.

    I also want to thank the writer/owner of this blog for sharing this. It was helpful indeed!

  9. Mr Samonte from baguio city po kami. Una pong problema ng taxi ko bigla bigla nawawalan ng power. Tapos pinalitan po ang ignition coil at spark plugs. After 1 week balik po ulit hanggang sa hindi na kayang umakyat. Humihina popower sa paakyat. Pinakita po sa mekaniko sabi overhaul po ng makina dahil nag overheat. After po maoverhaul wala daw po supply ng kuryente sa dalawang ignition pump. 2 lang po gumagana kaya kapag nakaidle po ang sasakyan nanginginig. Sabi po ng mekaniko na nag overhaul electrucal daw po problema. Sabi naman pong iba yung comp box daw po. Ano po gagawin ko?

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