Find cheap but good notebook risers?


My MacBook’s battery produces a lot of heat. I needed something to raise the bottom of the notebook to spare the surface of our dining table, where I work most of the time.

I can buy notebook stands and risers in any computer shop but why not make my own? And that’s what I did. I simply got two discarded wine corks, cut them at an angle — and, voila! — notebook risers probably as good as any you can find in a shop. Cost? Zero.Synthetic wine corks cut at an angle

I suggest using synthetic wine cork instead of real cork (synthetic corks are called “closures” to distinguish them from the organic material; they’re made from some kind of thermoplastic). Synthetic cork holds its shape even when cut, whereas real cork tends to crumble.The cork used as a MacBook riser.

I know, I know, wine corks aren’t all that easy to find. Truth is, my wife and I like to drink wine and I have this thing about keeping the corks of every bottle we’ve opened at home.


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